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Important Things to Remember When Moving

When planning a big move to a completely new city or state, there will undoubtedly be a great number of things on your checklist; renting a moving truck, getting boxes for your belongings, giving notice to your place of employment, etc. However, while you’re getting your affairs in order at your old home, don’t forget… Read More >>

Moving to Myrtle Beach From Out of State

There are plenty of different reasons why people choose to move out of state; Pursuing a new job opportunity, moving closer to a significant other or simply retiring to warmer weather are just a few of the most common. Regardless of your reason for moving to Myrtle Beach, the process of getting yourself and all… Read More >>

Making Your New House Feel Like Home

Regardless of whether this is your first or your third, purchasing a new house is a really big deal. Not only is it a big financial move, but it’s a new environment – a place where you and your loved ones will need to create new memories. For most people, it can be pretty difficult… Read More >>

What Makes Myrtle Beach Such a Great Place to Live?

Anytime you relocate somewhere that is unfamiliar to you, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous. After all, choosing to pack up your entire life and move to a new town or even a new state is a very big deal.  If you happen to be planning a move to Myrtle Beach, SC however, we’d… Read More >>