Important Things to Remember When Moving

When planning a big move to a completely new city or state, there will undoubtedly be a great number of things on your checklist; renting a moving truck, getting boxes for your belongings, giving notice to your place of employment, etc. However, while you’re getting your affairs in order at your old home, don’t forget that there is still plenty to take care of at your new home.

Important Things to Remember When Moving | Dockside Realty Company

Instead of waiting until the last minute and being stuck in a bind, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to making your move less stressful:

Medical – If you plan to stick with your current health insurance provider after your move to Myrtle Beach, do research on doctors in the area who will accept your plan. If you are currently taking medication, check with your current doctor to see it he would be willing to call in your prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new area until you have time to find a new doctor. Remember that you can always call the local chamber of commerce for recommendations and information.

Banking – Unless you’re only moving across town, it’s important to look into whether or not your bank has a branch open in your new location. If it does not, you will need to look into switching banks and taking care of anything that may currently be in your safety deposit box.

Miscellaneous Transfers – If you have any type of membership at a gym, club, organization, etc. you’ll have to terminate those or transfer them to your new location. Just keep in mind that you will have to factor any cancellation fees into your moving budget. If you have children, have the school make copies of their records for you, just in case.

Finally, with all of the stress and fast-paced tasks that you’ve consumed yourself with over the last few months, remember to take a step back and recognize the scope of things. Visit local places that hold memories for you, invite your friends and family over for a goodbye party, take a picture in front of your old house – savor your last few days in this house and this town. After that, your new adventure awaits in Myrtle Beach!