Making Your New House Feel Like Home

Regardless of whether this is your first or your third, purchasing a new house is a really big deal. Not only is it a big financial move, but it’s a new environment – a place where you and your loved ones will need to create new memories. For most people, it can be pretty difficult to get used to this. Not only are you letting go of your old home or apartment but if you aren’t purchasing a brand new home, you’re walking into a space that holds someone else’s memories. How do you go about making it your own? How do you make your house a home?

Making Your New House Feel Like Home | Dockside Realty

Spend Time There – Everyone is so busy these days that by the time you get completely settled it, you may already be swamped with running back and forth between the office, the gym, PTA meetings, etc. Take some time during the week to just stay in and enjoy time in your new home with your family. If you treat this new space as a simple place to rest your head at night, you’ll never truly feel at home.

Cook a Family Meal – With all of the stresses of relocating, you’ve probably had your fair share of pizza and Chinese takeout lately. Unpack the pots and pans and any other box labeled “Kitchen” and make a conscious effort to make a real home-cooked meal. When you’re done cooking, sit down at the dining room table with real silverware and enjoy it!

Host a Housewarming Party – Nothing will motivate you to get unpacked and organized more than the prospect of having guests over. Instead of putting off the process and living with boxes scattered here and there for month, try to carve out some time to get to it right away so that you can invite your loved ones over to make new memories? Better yet, call up some of your true few and let them know that you’re willing to exchange a home-cooked meal for a bit of help with the unpacking process.

Of course, these are only a few of our suggestions. How about those of you who have been through a big move before; do you have any advice for our first-time home buyers on transforming their house into a home? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!