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Tips for Buying a Beach Home

If you are converting from a city dweller to a beach bum via investing in a beach home, there are a few adjustments you will want to make to maximize your enjoyment and limit upkeep. Beach front or Water front? First and foremost, beach front and waterfront are two different things. Beachfront is a location… Read More >>

How to Plan for a Big Move

Moving is one of the most stressful and rewarding events you’ll encounter in your life. For the most successful, sane, and economical move – be a planner! Consider the home you are moving to. Are you downsizing? How many rooms will you be furnishing in your new location? Who is moving with you? These are… Read More >>

Important Things to Remember When Moving

When planning a big move to a completely new city or state, there will undoubtedly be a great number of things on your checklist; renting a moving truck, getting boxes for your belongings, giving notice to your place of employment, etc. However, while you’re getting your affairs in order at your old home, don’t forget… Read More >>

Things to Look for When Buying a Home After Retirement

For the last few decades, you’ve given most of your life to your career, kids, grandkids, etc. Now that retirement has finally come along, it’s about time that you start making decisions based on what you want and creating new memories with your spouse. For many retirees, that means getting away from the harsh winters… Read More >>

Making Your New Home Pet-Friendly

A lot of times when older couples empty the nest and settle into life post-retirement, they miss having someone or something to take care of. After years of being responsible for kids, work, etc., letting go of that can be very difficult for some. In our opinion, this probably has a lot to do with… Read More >>