Tips for Buying a Beach Home

Living at Myrtle Beach

If you are converting from a city dweller to a beach bum via investing in a beach home, there are a few adjustments you will want to make to maximize your enjoyment and limit upkeep.

Beach front or Water front?

First and foremost, beach front and waterfront are two different things. Beachfront is a location on a beach where the majority of your frontage will be sand. Here in Myrtle Beach, you will get sand. Your preferred footwear will be flip flops or bare feet. Those who have boats and would love to keep them at home should look at water front homes that have dock potential. Generally, beaches and docks do not go together.


You will also want to consider your outdoor décor. Choose lawn furnishings that are easy to clean with limited crevices and good wash-ability. If the wind doesn’t carry the sand, you and your guests will, and living with sand will be a wonderful thing if you can easily shake or wipe it off.

How many bedrooms?

If you have chosen to move the beach, you will probably have a schedule of visiting friends and relatives. Absent the visitors, you are still likely to live in a beach community which lends itself to both formal and informal social opportunities that come with primarily outdoor living. Homes with more bedrooms re-sell at higher prices – so even if you don’t think that you will have tons of visitors (you will), invest in a home with as many rooms as you can afford.

Outdoor Showers

If your beach home does not come with an outdoor shower, plan for a makeshift one. Invest in a simple outdoor shower head or a hose with a showerhead attachment. Install a simple hook over a spigot and connect your hose or install your shower head. The hook can accommodate the hose or a beach towel. You can add a simple wall of lattice if you want to create an element of privacy. Kick it up a notch with some decorative knobs and be sure to hang some natural sponge to encourage a thorough cleaning!

Enjoy the luxuries

Above all, I recommend a hammock and a subscription to your favorite magazine. There is nothing better than to fall into the folds of a hammock, whether it is tethered between two trees or strung from a frame. Lay back with a good book or magazine and sway with the ocean breeze. The hammock provides one of the most calming experiences that will enable you to truly enjoy your life at the beach!