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Living on the beach is good for your health

You don’t need to tell those of us who live in Myrtle Beach what a great life we have. We already know! But it turns out that research has been done that proves that those individuals who have a coastal lifestyle are actually healthier. While it’s not a new idea that life by the beach… Read More >>

How to Plan for a Big Move

Moving is one of the most stressful and rewarding events you’ll encounter in your life. For the most successful, sane, and economical move – be a planner! Consider the home you are moving to. Are you downsizing? How many rooms will you be furnishing in your new location? Who is moving with you? These are… Read More >>

Fundamentals of Becoming an Appealing Mortgage Candidate

Unfortunately, buying a home isn’t as easy as picking the one you want, claiming it as your own and moving on in. Not only do you have to worry about buyer-seller negotiations, home inspections, etc., but you also most likely have to be approved for a loan before anything can even happen. The last time… Read More >>

Talk to the Neighbors Before Buying a House

One of the greatest ways to find out whether or not a house is right for you is to talk to the people who know the area the best: your potential neighbors! As great of an idea as this is, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take advantage of the opportunity to get… Read More >>