Why Selling Your Home by Yourself is a Bad Idea

When it comes to putting their home on the market, there are a couple of reasons why some homeowners try the “For Sale by Owner” approach. Firstly, they believe that selling a home isn’t as difficult as others make it out to be and that they can get their home sold without any outside help. Secondly, they would like to make as much of a profit as possible without having to pay commission to a Realtor.

Why Selling Your Home by Yourself is a Bad Idea | Dockside Realty Company

Unfortunately, while these reasons are certainly ideal, they aren’t practical. Additionally, for those who believe that they will not walk away from the transaction with as much money in their pockets if they work with a Realtor, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, according to last year’s Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers from the National Association of Realtors, the average sales price for homes listed by the owner was $174,900, whereas the average price for homes represented by a Realtor was $215,000. That’s a whopping $40,100 difference.

What’s even more, most of your potential buyers will likely be represented by their own agent to protect their own interest. Working against a professional when it comes to negotiating prices and finalizing the contract won’t be easy when you have little to no experience in real estate. When all is said and done, you may end up selling your home for less than you had hoped for or worse, opening up the door for potential legal issues related to the contract.

Not only does a professional Realtor have experience with all aspects of selling a home, but they can take care of all of the details that you simply do not have the time for. Plus, most potential homebuyers prefer that the seller not be present during a walk-through; they feel more comfortable exploring different rooms and expressing their honest opinions this way. As the seller must be present during walk-throughs in a “For Sale by Owner” situation, this may cut you off from potential sales.

If you’re thinking about selling your home in Myrtle Beach in the near future, save yourself the time, stress and money of going in it alone and hire a licensed Realtor. Contact Dockside Realty Company today.


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