Why Choose Myrtle Beach for Your Retirement?

The time has finally come. After years of hard work and raising a family, retirement has finally come and you can now sit back, relax and enjoy yourself on your own schedule. If you’re like most retirees, thoughts of relocating have already begun to cross your mind, but with so many options to choose from, how do you possibly decide? Well if you’re someone who pictures settling down in an area with warm weather, gorgeous beaches and the perfect balance between quiet-living and excitement, Myrtle Beach may just be the ideal choice for you.

Why Choose Myrtle Beach for Your Retirement? | Dockside Realty Company

Not only has Myrtle Beach made the 2014 list of top five places to retire in South Carolina but in 2013, it was named one of the top 100 best places to retire in the entire country by “Where to Retire” Magazine. So what is it about this beautiful area that has people coming in droves? Well for one thing, you can’t beat the views!

If you choose to explore your options for beachfront properties in the area, prepare to fall in love. Imagine waking up to the sounds of crashing waves every morning and being able to walk out your backdoor to a cool breeze and sand beneath your toes. Sounds heavenly, right? Well that’s just the beginning.

When it comes to enjoying the rest of your day, how about a round of golf at any one of the professional-grade courses throughout the area, or a bit of fishing at Myrtle Beach State Park on the Grand Stand? Plus with plenty of terrain for outdoor recreation, such as hiking or biking, as well as a great variety of shopping outlets and more than 1,800 restaurants to check out, you’ll never have a lack of choice when it comes to switching up your day-to-day plans.

Even with all of that, there’s still one more thing that makes Myrtle Beach a great option for your retirement: it’s a place that your grandchildren will actually want to visit. Choosing to relocate somewhere away from your family can be difficult, and you’ll want to embrace any opportunity you can to have your loved ones down for a visit. With so many great things to do and experience in the area, your grandchildren will be eager for a trip down to see Grandma and Grandpa. Whether they choose to soak up some sun on the beach, try go-karting at the Grand Prix or ride the SkyWheel on Ocean Boulevard, I guarantee they will be begging to know when they can visit again.

As you begin the next chapter in your life, keep in mind that now is the perfect time to buy within the real estate market. Allow me to help you find the home you’ve always dreamed of owning. This is your time – why not spend it at the beach?