Tips For Selling Your Home From Far Away

Whether a new job called for you to relocate quickly or if you need to make arrangements for the estate of a loved one, selling a home in Myrtle Beach while you are outside of South Carolina can be extremely stressful. How are you supposed to stay on top of things and get the best offer on the old home if you are hundreds – if not thousands – of miles away? The last thing you want to do is waste time and end up financing two different homes.

Tips For Selling Your Home From Far Away | Dockside Realty Company

Here are a few great tips on how to sell your home quickly and at a great price even when you can’t physically be there:

Have Professional Photos Taken – Everyone has a camera on their phone these days, but that doesn’t mean that it should be used when taking photos for a listing. If you have poor-quality photos, many potential buyers will write off your home immediately, and move onto another similar home that was listed with professional-grade photos. You may think this is a miniscule detail and that the home will speak for itself when they see it in person, but first you have to get them interested in showing up.

Choose the Right Realtor® – One of the only ways you will have a successful home sale from afar is if you enlist the help of a quality Realtor®. You’ll want to select someone with a good reputation whom you can trust to market the home and check on it while you’re away. You may think that you can trust a relative with the job but with other priorities in the potential for arguments to ensue, it’s best not to put the responsibility in someone’s hands who cannot fully commit.

Choose the Right Price – You don’t want to test the market to see how high you can push the price if you know that you need to sell the property quickly. If you set your price too high, potential buyers may begin to wonder why your home has been listed on the market for so long and you will have lost a lot of possible interest. Rely on your agent to give you a fair and honest estimate of what she believes the home is worth and how it will do on the market. Just be sure to let her know beforehand how high or low you are willing to go when it comes to accepting an offer – and be realistic.

If you need help selling your Myrtle Beach home, hire a real estate agent that you can trust to take care of business in your absence. Call Dockside Realty today.