New Group of Homebuyers on the Horizon

The American Dream is alive and well, as teens overwhelmingly think they will own their own home.  A new survey found that American teens think they will be home owners.  This is a big change from the millennials who were much less optimistic about their own future home ownership.

The study was conducted for real estate service Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and found that 97 percent of age 13-17 year olds believe they will own a home in the future.  Compared with only 40 percent of millennials who thought they would be able to own a home in a previous study.  This could prove that the younger generation may be more attached to the idea of home ownership.

And, not only are teens significantly optimistic about their home buying, but 82 percent also said home ownership is the most important part of the American Dream, according to the survey.