Moving to Myrtle Beach with Pets


moving to myrtle beach

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences that a person will go through. This life-changing event can be just as stressful for your pets. Making the move cross-country, or across town should be as pet friendly as possible.

Below you will find a few tips to follow when you move with pets….

  • Call the Vet: If you are moving out of the area, speak to your vet and ask if they have a colleague or anyone that they can recommend to you in the new area.  If you are traveling long distance, get a sedative for the trip.  If your pet takes medications, find out the proper dosages and how to administer any medication. Also, get copies of health records and vaccinations.
  • Find a Pet Friendly Home/Area: Myrtle Beach is a very dog friendly area, but some condos don’t allow pets, If the home you are moving to doesn’t have a backyard, try to locate a dog park nearby
  • Boarding on Moving Day:Find a trustworthy kennel or friend that can watch your pet on the day of the move.  There is way too much commotion with boxes everywhere that your pet could get lost in the shuffle.
  • Spoil Your Pet: Don’t let your pet fell neglected in their new home.  With the stress that you have on your shoulders, you have to remember that your pet is carrying that same weight. It is common for their food/water intake to decrease because of the stress. Take your pet for a walk, give many treats, let them sleep with you, and give lots of special attention.
  • Update Contact Information: If your pet is micro chipped, be sure to update your contact information in case of an emergency and you need to be contacted.

By following the steps and tips above, the only tip that is left is to enjoy your new home with your pet!