Landscaping Ideas That Attract Buyers

1.  Add spashes of color  With every changing season, a landscape should provide a new display of colors, textures and fragrances.

2. Size trees and shrubs to scale  These should be planted in the right scale for the house so that they don’t block windows, doors or any other architectural feature of the property.  Too many trees and shrubs cast shadows and can cause potential buyers to worry about maintenance and costs.

3.  Maintain a perfect lawn  A velvety green lawn demonstrates tender loving care, so be sure your lawn does not have brown spots.  Some rocks, pebbles, boulders, drought-tolerant plants and ornamental grasses will generate positive results also.

4.  Light up the outside   Good illumination allows buyers to see a home at night and adds drama.  Sellers should use low-voltage lamps to highlight branches or trees, a front door, walk and corners of the house.  Don’t overdo though!

5.  Water is great   The sound of water appeals to buyers.  But don’t just reserve this for the backyard.  A small fountain accented with rocks provides a pleasant gurgling sound, blocks street noise and is affordable.

6.  Use decorative architectural elements  A new mailbox, planted window boxes and a low fence wrapped in vines add cachet, particularly during winter months when fewer plants are blossoming.  Colors should complement the landscape and home.  Again, don’t overdo.