Horry County added nearly 1000 new jobs in 2013

Almost 1000 new jobs were announced last year by the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corp.  These jobs are tied to state tax credits and local incentives.  Firearms manufacturer PRT Industries predicts 145 jobs to be contracted over five years.  The call center StarTek predicts 615 jobs, and anticipates hiring in January.  Aerospace manufacturer Elm Street Associates plans to begin work on it’s 40,000 square foot plant this spring and hire up to 51 employees.  Firearms manufacturer Ithaca Gun Co. also plans to begin construction on its 20,000 square foot plant this spring, and plans for 120 jobs contracted.  Fuel additive manufacturer B3C Fuels expects to create 36 jobs.   While tourism continues to dominate the area’s economy, county leaders are working hard to stimulate year-round employment opportunities to keep the financial fires stoked during the off-season.