Buying a Home before Marriage

couple buying house

You may be reading this because you are ready to get married and unsure if you should buy the house or the ring first. You could also be reading this because you are not 100% ready for marriage but you are trying to justify doing things out of order. In today’s market, it really depends on what you can afford or what you are willing to afford.

When buying a house, it’s not all about the cost. It also means you may need money for a down payment, closing costs, and other things you don’t expect. Do your research and seek out a real estate agent that will have the right answers for you.

The cost of renting instead of buying a home isn’t as clear cut as you would think either. If you are thinking about renting, you will typically need first and last month’s rent also a security deposit. So essentially, you are already putting down a down payment on something you will never own. Apartments you typically don t have to worry about maintenance on, but that is not always a good thing. It also means your landlord might be a little slow at making the repairs you could have done in a day.

Renting and owning is a big choice, but you need to put aside any emotional feelings you are having about buying a home before marriage. Home ownership is a financial decision and only one you can make when you take the feelings away.  Think with your head and make the choice that financially makes sense for you.