30 Days Prior to Your Big Move

Moving Day ChecklistThis may be a large move or a small move but one thing is definite this will be stressful. Fortunately, you have a few things that you can do in advance, to avoid as much stress as possible. On move in/out day, you will have many things running through your mind, start early and you will not have as much to worry about.

Begin by packing up rooms and things you will not need in the next four weeks. You will not need your fine china, you should not be expecting company in the weeks leading up to a move, unless they come in hand with pizza and plan on helping packing – and even then, you’re still probably not going to bust out your fanciest dishes. Consider things like this as you decide what to pack. As you go through these things, also ask yourself if you need them or want them anymore. If your answer is “no” to either of those questions, get rid of it now. It is much easier to dispose of items before you move them. Why move garbage?

Before you can start packing those boxes you need boxes to use, now is the great time to start gathering free packing supplies. Many grocery stores and department stores receive their items in boxes and if you ask nicely they will save them for you. What better than free packing supplies? You can also start gathering newspapers to pack your fragile things.

One of the most important things you need to take care of about a month prior to moving is all the bills and mail. Go to your local post office and pick up a moving guide. Things today are much easier than they used to be when it comes to changing your address. Most companies allow you to change everything right online. If you are the type of person who pays bills online the best way to change addresses is right after you pay your bill during your final month in your home, that way you know your next bill will show up at your new place.

The last task you should consider is if you are going to hire a moving company or if you are going to move it yourself. Yes moving the items yourself will save money, but you will never forgive yourself or your friends for breaking or damaging irreplaceable items, so be sure you have a group of people who are experienced with moving. Pick which one works for you and make the appropriate reservations. If you do plan to move yourself, make sure you enroll the help of friends and family, it usually helps to offer them dinner.

Make your moving day less stressful by starting early. Spend your moving day making the final memories in your old home and making new memories in your new home